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View Diary: On Reacting to Roberts: It's Not Just Fairness, It's Smart Politics (225 comments)

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  •  PABLUM, ANYONE? (none)

    THE SCRIPT HAS BEEN WRITTEN ROVE-STYLE! Serve a Scalia-Thomas-Rehnquist clone up as "PABLUM" and a perfectly "reasonable" choice and see who eats it up! Then once we get this LIFETIME appointment in, we will have the edge. Roe vs Wade will be slowly eroded to where the Religious Right and Bush want it to be! After a record of picking loyalty over everything else, Mr. Bush will "catapult propaganda" to show us how he has departed from the Republican power grab drive. We also can trample more Civil Liberties and give the Patriot Act {which we will slip on by without much notice} a BOOST using the over touted London Bombings!  NO one mention ROVE! Downing Street Memo- we won't give the Downing Street Memo, July 23 activities much coverage, once again we will count on short memories, and short attention spans, as the media cooperates with us as usual! All you, Republican hardliners get out on the networks and push Roberts, Dems very little activity so far from them! Like the Kerry boo-boo let them be quiet until it is too late! Besides, we got Lieberman, and other sell-outs, who will go along with us showing they can be so cooperative! We'll count on the 14 to go OUR WAY. We will re-take our position of power that has been degraded, using all our re-visited rhetoric and old tricks! The Iraq War is becoming a problem, think progress! Where in the hell are the Swifties when we need them? Aren't we the perfect voice of moderation?????

    All of you who disagree with the script must be given sugar-coated pills to improve your cooperation and your obvious lack of patriotism!

    I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message!


    With a divided court all the vital issues we want can be overturned by this candidate for years to come and reflect the Republican position and some think this isn't important enough? Sugar with your Pablum???

    •  And?? (none)
      You think your convincing anybody?

      Frnaklt, I have to believe you are GOP infiltrator trying to give bad advice to Dems.


      The SCOTUS is Extraordinary.

      by Armando on Wed Jul 20, 2005 at 12:02:11 PM PDT

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