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View Diary: On Reacting to Roberts: It's Not Just Fairness, It's Smart Politics (225 comments)

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  •  Amen, and very well said: (none)
    The burden is on Roberts to prove his worthiness, not on us to prove his unworthiness.

    Yes, yes, yes!   Goddamnit, yes!

    Dems in Congress should set the standard very clearly before the questioning even begins:  

    Yes, we will give him a very fair hearing.  But he does not get this lifetimre appointment for free -- it's not his right, and it's not Bush's right either.  If he cannot respect the legislative branch's right of advice and consent, he cannot have this lifetime job.

    Roberts must answer questions openly and forthrightly, and with specific detail.  If not, he's has made a clear choice that he doesn't want the job.  

    Sorry rightwingers, we will brook no whining about it.  That's the goddamned deal.

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