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View Diary: On Reacting to Roberts: It's Not Just Fairness, It's Smart Politics (225 comments)

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  •  During the questioning (none)
    about R v W, ask him does he support the overturning of R W.. when he says he supports the law as it stands and would not overturn it, put a Bible in front of him and ask to to swear on it, in front of all the cams, that he is giving his word on that statement, since "everything else this administration is putting forth these days doesnt seem to be truthful", so we sort of want it on record, may God stike him down if he is lying.. lets do what the Fundies would do.. throw the bible into the whole thing. Put him on the spot. We must do something that totally throws him off guard during the quesitoning, to see his true self come forward. All we are doing is asking a good Christian man to swear before God that his statement is true. Sort of a Rovian Willie Horton tactic, but nicer. Of course we could be total pricks and emulate Rove and ask him if his wife were raped by Willie Horton and she became pregnant, would he support her if she wanted an abortion. What will they do, scream how horrible it is to give an example like that when they used Willie to their own means? We need to go outside the box on Roberts if there is any chance to derail him.
    Or stall, and keep asking for more info... The indictments may come out before he hearings are done, and that would make a whole new game if Bush was involved.

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