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View Diary: On Reacting to Roberts: It's Not Just Fairness, It's Smart Politics (225 comments)

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    We are not in control of the media, that's why we have to follow their jabs and cuts.

    But, we should be threading all these scattershot issues together into a single, unified, overarching emotional theme.

    Remember that the Repugs came to power (back in the Reagan days) in a world almost exactly opposite to what we face today: they weren't in control of the media, the spin cycle, any branch of the government. Most people outright hated them or were at least deeply suspicious of them (hell, it was right after fucking Watergate!). And yet... somehow they pulled it off. How?

    Old Bonzo had grand, overarching, simple, almost mythical themes. Repugs had to bob and weave just as we must today. But they tied their bobbing and weaving together into a unified narrative. And it sold. Big time.

    Ours is that we Democrats are looking out for the little guy and gal, the average American, who is struggling for a decent living and a safe, healthy future for our kids.  That naturally ties in all of the "ADD" items of the moment: DSM is the corporate fat cats lying to us and sending our children off to an unnecessary war, Rove is those same corporate fat cats abusing their power and selling out our safety and security, Roberts is a Corporate Lawyer (ugh!), Social Security Privatisation is the Wall Street fat cats trying to steal your retirement, DeLay and Cunningham are more abuses of power by Repugs and their corporate lobbyists, the same lobbyists get revolving-door'ed into positions in the EPA to make your environment unsafe so that corporations can profit, shove CAFTA through so that your job can go to a slave labourer in Latin America, the list goes on and on. Stick with the theme and it won't take more than 5-10 seconds to figure out how the scandal-of-the-moment fits in with our big-picture theme.

    This is all about the Common Man and Woman against the High and Mighty. The Repugs are the High and Mighty. We are the average middle-class American.

    This is so easy if you just stick to it. Economic populism and individual rights. We go to battle for the Average American, and we slay the dragons of the Rich and Powerful. Simple, cartoon-like, easy for the media to digest... and really easy to keep consistent througout the shifting story-of-the-day. I think it's a winner.

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