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View Diary: Authorities 'leak' that Michael Brown may have smoked pot (315 comments)

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  •  What you could see if you looked (9+ / 0-)

    was police firing teargas canisters that they claimed were smoke at a crowd 2- or 300 feet away that was entirely peaceful when fired upon. Are you suggesting that somehow that is legal behavior in America? Quit trying to divert attention from the fact that Ferguson PD has screwed up totally, had to be replaced for its riot handling, and the situation continues to deteriorate because police are at war with American citizens who happen for the most part to be African American. That is not to say looting isn't occurring, but cause of the disruption here rests with police, they have done nothing, unlike many Ferguson citizens, to quell the discontent. Responsible citizens can be seen in video as well. The point is, you, like Ferguson PD are deflecting by blaming the victims, most of whom have behaved without breaking any laws, while the police clearly have acted lawlessly.

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