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View Diary: National Review finds Michael Brown killing boring, wants America to 'mix it up a little' (93 comments)

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  •  Pro-segregation magazine?? (0+ / 0-)

    Why in the world would anyone here be reading what is put on a pro-segregation magazine?  It has to have one of the lowest readerships in our country.....

    We need to stop looking at this crap and read things that apply to reality.  Sheeesh.

    •  from Vanity Fair in 2010 (0+ / 0-)

      Hate Sells

      What about the conservative magazines? The most prominent and biggest-selling, The National Review, definitely seemed to experience an Obama-hatred bump in 2009. Paid circulation was up a solid 4.8 percent from 2008, and was 16 percent greater than the magazine’s 2003-2008 average.
      Those numbers, I'm guessing, have only gone up.

      "when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"

      by gravlax on Mon Aug 18, 2014 at 02:24:09 PM PDT

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    •  Has anyone compared its subscription list with (0+ / 0-)

      KKK membership?  The openly pro-segregationist magazine, as Hunter calls it, should come under the radar of anti-terrorism forces in the US and around the world.  

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