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  •  Map of looting & shooting gives more perspective. (12+ / 0-)

    There's more to this than one would know if one read only DailyKos diaries on this incident.

    There's a very informative map, linked to by e2247 in his very useful diary with a list of live feeds from Ferguson. The map lists various incidents in the Ferguson/St Louis area, since the protests began. The map is here: But you must put a check mark in each day to see the full picture, then drag the map to Missouri and zoom in to find the Ferguson area.

    The list includes a wide variety of police reports, reports from witnesses, hospitals, etc. It includes e.g. lootings, reported shootings, burglaries, fights, fires, etc.

    Just for example, here is the list of stores that have been looted, according to that map. (Most of the incidents are linked to a news story.) From reading DailyKos, I didn't know that this many stores had been looted or burgled during the protests (several more than once):

    Quick Trip (later set on fire)
    WalMart (later, shots fired at police chiefs)
    Zisser Tire Auto Service
    Shoe Carnival
    Foot Locker
    PNC Bank
    Hibbetts Sports
    Quick Cash
    Beauty Supply Store
    Family Dollar
    Boost Mobile
    Hibbett Sports
    Queen's Wig and Hair Co
    Velvet Freeze Ice Cream Store
    Remy Beauty Supply Inc
    Cricket Wireless
    Phillips 66
    Energy Express
    Pawn Shop on Florissant
    JC Wireless
    Dellwood Market
    Advance Auto Parts
    misc residences
    Papa John's Pizza
    O'Reilly Auto Parts
    Walgreens arson
    Dellwood Market arson
    Did you know that many stores had been looted?

    Next, here is a list of reported gunfire incidents (shootings by civilians, each a potentially lethal situation) in the area, since a week ago Sunday:

    Sun-Mon (last week):
    10:38pm shots fired at Halls Ferry Rd
    10:45pm shots fired at Solway Ave
    11:37pm shots fired at Walmart pharmacy
    11:54pm shots fired from railroad
    12:19am shots fired at W Florissant
    12:00am shots fired at QuikTrip
    12:51am shots fired near Church
     x:xxam shots fired W Florissant
     x:xxam shots fired at W Florissant

    Mon eve (last week):
    8:38pm shots fired 5300 Hodiamont Ave
    9:04pm shots fired at Dellwood Market
    9:07pm shots fired at Geraldine AVe
    10:34pm shots fired at W Florissant
    11:30pm shots fired at Cheri Heights
    12:19am 4 shots heard at N Hanley

    Tues eve:
     9:56pm shots fired at Oakcrest Ave
    10:08pm shooting, 2 people hit, in serious condition, Biddle St
    10:27pm shooting at Virginia Ave
    10:32pm shots fired at chambers Rd
    11:38pm shots fired at SW Cardinal
    12:00am woman shot in the head in driveby shooting, 1438 Highmont Dr
    12:17am possible shooting at S Compton
    12:26am shots fired at Chambers
    12:30am possible more shots fired at Chambers
    12:45am shots fired at Halls Ferry Rd
    1:36am shots fired at Bamberger Ave
    1:41am confirmed shooting

    Weds eve:
    9:48pm  shots fired at Dellwood Court
    10:16pm shots fired near police

    Saturday late eve/early Sun:
    1:12am unconfirmed, shots fired
    1:23am person shot in stomach at Canfield and W Florissant
    1:28am shots fired? (different part of town)
    1:29am 6 shots fired (different part of town)
    1:38am unconfirmed, 20 shots fired (different part of town)

    Sun eve (yesterday):
    9:44pm shots fired at W Florissant
    9:47pm stabbing at Westfall Dr
    10:27pm shots fired at Domino's Pizza
    10:30pm security guards attacked, Chambers Rd
    10:37pm 10 shots at Dellwood Market
    10:45pm 6 shots fired at Green Valley Dr
    10:50pm - 10:54pm report man shooting in to the crowd @ Chambers Hill Dr
    11:10pm shots fired at Chatham Ave
    11:22pm gunshot victims at Christian Northeast Hospital

    Mon eve (tonight):
    10:42pm 6 shots at Bermuda Ct
    11:45pm report of a woman shot, lying near dumpster, unconfirmed.

    Not all shootings are confirmed, but many are, and several people have been seriously wounded.

    I had no idea there had been this many shootings, this past week alone. Did you?

    •  What a bunch if bs. None of those incidents you... (10+ / 0-)

      What a bunch if bs. None of those incidents you are so breathless to share are corroborated. Why would anyone accept information derived from police scanners? The police have a vested interest in creating the impression of an unruly mob.

      •  All the more reason to go protest peacefully. (3+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        jbsoul, Shockwave, snwflk

        If I could, I would.

        The more peaceful protestors there are, the easier to deter the looters and the violent.

        Some of us live or have lived in neighborhoods like Ferguson, and the notion that things are jumping off is not shocking or terrifying. It's business as usual, on a somewhat grander scale. People like you just avert your eyes when the media liveblogs are NOT covering the hood (which is all the fucking time).

        DKos has been an excellent source of information on Ferguson.
        Your attack on our community's work is unwarranted.

        •  There's always plenty of people (10+ / 0-)

          protesting peacefully. There can be a thousand protesting peacefully but if one person throws an empty plastic coke bottle at a cop, what will be talked about is how wrong it is to be violent, and if one TV gets taken from one store what will be talked about is how wrong it is to loot.

          It's exactly the same shit talking points that were used after the Rodney King beating, after Occupy protests. The cops can beat a guy till his spleen bursts and throw him on the floor of a jail cell with no medical care for ten hours and the media don't go crazy over that, but OMG! a couple protesters broke a window in a store!

          Fuck. This. Noise.

          If the American people do, for the most part, protest peacefully--and we do--it's no thanks to these assholes, who constantly report protests like this:  "While most of the protests have been peaceful, there can be no excuse for the instances of violence and looting. It's absolutely wrong for citizens to antagonize the police and break windows."

          A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame/Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name/Mother of Exiles.

          by SouthernLiberalinMD on Tue Aug 19, 2014 at 06:52:48 AM PDT

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