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View Diary: Ferguson police continue arresting and attacking media (235 comments)

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    haven't participated in these stories yet I am starting to think this is a whole lot more than just Ferguson. This may just be a 'wargames' situation, where the national 'military' is using a situation to try out an array of responses and tactics to deal with what Homeland Security is preparing for .. the major upheavels which are going to be happening as we move into an era of depleted resources, lack of a working government, economic dysfuntion and the ravages of climate change. Also don't know if this has been written here before but there are some who are of the opionion that domestic spying at its core has escalated as social unrest begins to fester ..

    Has this theory been discussed anywhere or am I just wackey here.

    I just dont see the level of public interactions, the numbers to justify whats going on. I mean even with Occupy where the police really engaged in overkill, there were huge crowds of people, huge movements.

    This response frankly is so over the top.

    If you're not terrified into action by the IPCC's 5th Assessment , you're not human.

    by boatsie on Tue Aug 19, 2014 at 09:44:53 AM PDT

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