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  •  Just wait until they let Wilson Walk, Scot-Free (29+ / 0-)

    And that's my prediction based on the secretive nature of the investigation. This shooting is about to be White Washed (literally).

    Not what I want to see happen. But, this is 'merica afterall.

    No longer Hoping for Change. Now Praying for a Miracle.

    by CitizenOfEarth on Tue Aug 19, 2014 at 11:58:49 AM PDT

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    •  I'm more optimistic than that. (15+ / 0-)

      Untill today, we didn't even know whether the DA would call for a grand jury. This has been announced now. That should be a good sign, but I don't think so.  

      I expect they'll indict him. He should be charged with 2nd degree murder,, imo. Based on this prosecutor's inappropriate comments about pushing the Ferguston police chief aside and his stunning history of racial bias, he might not even offer this charge to the grand jury.

      I don't know  if there's any recourse in MO.

      The backup plan involves federal charges, but  there's isn't much to work with. Civil rights and hate crime federal laws come to mind.

      Holder will be key to putting pressure on the state. National exposure is powerful. Presidential attention is powerful.  Public pressure is powerful.

      To the racist pro-brutality thugs, these things just make them dig in their heels.

      Political pressure and challenges to reelection (and money) are the only things these right wing assholes seem to understand.

      Yes, it's possible that this cop will walk. I've spent time in this part of the country. East St. Louis gets you closer to Rush Limbaugh's home town.

      It's been that way since before the Missouri Compromise. In many ways, it's worse than Southern racism, particulary in violence, abuse, and oppression. Dred Scott is buried in St. Louis.

      "Never wrestle with a pig: you get dirty and the pig enjoys it"

      by GrumpyOldGeek on Tue Aug 19, 2014 at 12:47:26 PM PDT

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      •  likelihood of indictment (8+ / 0-)

        I believe the cop will not be indicted because the DA is not going to vigorously present evidence.  If he is convinced to stand down, or dragged out kicking and screaming, I don't care which, then there may be a chance at truth.

      •  Southern racism tends to manifest (6+ / 0-)

        as a perceived superiority, the old master-slave dichotomy. You can find extreme racists who have "friendly" relations with blacks on a limited scope. Northern racism is more absolute, they don't want to share space, period. I view all racism as odious, but the northern version is potentially more dangerous.

        … the NSA takes significant care to prevent any abuses and that there is a substantial oversight system in place,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California), said August 23.

        by mosesfreeman on Tue Aug 19, 2014 at 01:29:12 PM PDT

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        •  You described the fundamental N/S racism divide. (5+ / 0-)

          Spot on. Way too broad brush, but this gets right down to the bone-deep core belief systems that differentiate N/S racists.

          In the South, it was/is very important to let kids in on the whites-only secret knowledge about black people early in life. Certainly before ag four. We still hear the same speech. It starts out with "Let me tell you something about the Negro".

          So kids in the South just know that the Negro is an inferior animal. It's a fact rather than a belief. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is a perfect example. He was nominated for the federal bench and was one of the few (probably the only one) that the Senate refused to confirm, specifically citing his unabashed racist speech and written court documents.

          When Sessions says he isn't a racist, he means it. He assumes that racism is defined by racial hatred. And Sessions doesn't hate blah people. He wouldn't mind owning a few, I suppose. After all, if you didn't like cats, you probably wouldn't want to own cats. But he doesn't hate cats. Cats are animals. You can give them food and money and let them play basketball and buy houses for them and....

          Wait that's somebody else.

          The cops in Ferguson who screamed about the "animals". The mayor who is insulted when every person he meets tells him that Ferguson has a problem with race. He genuinely doesn't understand why all these outsiders are so stupid that they don't know anything "about the Negro".

          There's no problem. They "know their place". (I'm surprised he hasn't said this out loud.

          In the North, kids generally don't get indoctrinated into the white-superiority secret club during early childhood. Sometimes they learn (gasp) about equality first. In the North, it's a threat. So white superiority is a manifestation of fear. Racial hatred or resentment is a reaction to primal fight or flight fear instincts.

          Behavior too often becomes vicious and violent.

          My two cents....

          "Never wrestle with a pig: you get dirty and the pig enjoys it"

          by GrumpyOldGeek on Tue Aug 19, 2014 at 03:13:00 PM PDT

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          •  GrumpyOldGeek (2+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            GrumpyOldGeek, aratinga

            While everything you said was true, you missed that point that Missouri was divided during the civil war and brother fought brother with families sending sons to both sides of the war. Thus we have the worst attributes of BOTH north and south racism! It almost makes these cops have split personalities as they want to protect their blacks but at the same time they must "stay in their place". I remember as a child when they stepped off of the sidewalk into the street to let me and my mother walk past on the sidewalk and usually bowed their heads as to avoid eye contact with a white woman! In many parts of Missouri IT IS STILL THE SAME TODAY!

            •  Thanks for pointing this out. (1+ / 0-)
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              Kentucky was another divided state during the Civil War. North meets South and that split personality kicks in. Maybe it shows up as multiple personalities.

              I wonder if mixing the N/S racist belief systems results in creating a larger proportion of racists in these regions. Yeah. a rhetorical question. I'm pretty sure that this what happens.

              "Never wrestle with a pig: you get dirty and the pig enjoys it"

              by GrumpyOldGeek on Wed Aug 20, 2014 at 01:08:28 AM PDT

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