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View Diary: From #Ferguson to mass movement? It will take a visionary leader (5 comments)

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    For organizing needs to start a movement where those of us wanting a free America donate funds. Those funds to pay for lawsuits against out of control cops and their bosses. Every citizen tear gassed and assaulted while standing in their own yard should be in court seeking damages. Every reporter having their face slammed into a wall needs to sue in civil court while pressing for assault charges. If denied by corrupt locals then Federal Civil Rights lawsuits need to be filed. There also needs to be a strong voter registration drive in Ferguson to begin the process of firing the Mayor, City Council, police chief and all others involved. We should be pushing hard for the democratic party to come up with better candidates for governor and district attorney. Both democrats, they have been willing to ignore this poor guy's murder and support the obscene theory that Officer Wilson is the victim. We have republicans to smear murdered young black men, we don't need democrats spewing the same filth. This should be the time and the place for a strong, unified movement to begin that will fight the right and stop it from further poisoning America.

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