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View Diary: Conservatives to media: Stop covering Ferguson (150 comments)

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  •  Its also non-stop sensationalism (2+ / 0-)
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    kingfishstew, SixSixSix

    This police-state overreach in Ferguson  sells views and clicks and is awesome for advertising sales.

    Media's job is to sell shit, not "inform us".

    All those folks who dutifully watching Meet the Press?

    Its just there to sell road handlers and huggies and cars they don't need.

    If the media was ACTUALLY REAL, We'd not be talking about Ferguson as the problems would have been addressed years ago.

    Real journalism come from other countries.

    American media is used to bury the facts.

    •  Media's Job (2+ / 0-)
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      1500honda, WednesdaysChilde

      The job of the news media and the job of media in general are not the same.

      The general media - programs for entertainment, information, education, etc. should be, and are paid for largely by advertisers, whose objective is to sell you whatever they've got.  Never mind that you don't need it, they've made up a TLA [!] to convince you their crap will make your whole life complete. eg: RLS, ADD, CFS, I mean WTF?

      The news media has (had) the responsibility to INFORM the populace of events that affect their lives.  This was part of the deal struck when television broadcasters were given the use of VHF and UHF frequencies in the publicly owned spectrum.  It was the same deal that gave us Public Service Announcements.

      With the advent of Cable TV [!!], which is subscription based, this began to change.  Media outlets began looking at their news devisions as a PROFIT $TREAM.

      The RWNJ's consider this a GOOD thing.

      To that end they have corrupted the only NO ADVERTISING ALLOWED network, which actually had commercial taglines attached to donations from Corporate America, so now PBS runs Lexus ads. (Sorry, I digress... pet peeve... {TC climbs down from soapbox}

      We need a way to fix this.

      Any ideas?

      [!] definition 'TLA' -- a Three Letter Abbreviation meaning 'Three Letter Abbreviation'
      [!!] Q: Anybody else remember the first sales pitches for Cable?  -- It'll only be $9.95/month  -- Since you are paying for your signal, NO MORE COMMERCIALS!

      I AM aberrant data!

      by TheCodfish on Wed Aug 20, 2014 at 04:01:53 PM PDT

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