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View Diary: Killing four people while white gets you probation (378 comments)

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  •  I think race absolutely has a lot to do with it... (17+ / 0-)

    Yes, I believe a poor white kid would who did this would be on his way to jail. A public defender would probably have the kid pleading guilty and at most, try to reduce the amount of time in jail. This kid's avoiding prison because his parents could afford to hire a top lawyer.

    But I also believe that a rich black kid would be on his way to jail. I don't think any lawyer could get him into a rehab center instead of serving decades at the state penitentiary.

    Kos' title isn't inflamitory. Killing four people while black gets you prison. Killing four people while white and rich gets you rehab.

    “Poverty doesn’t only consist of being hungry for bread, but rather it is a tremendous hunger for human dignity.” Mother Teresa

    by theKgirls on Wed Aug 20, 2014 at 01:45:08 PM PDT

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    •  The key thing is the "and rich" part (4+ / 0-)
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      mmacdDE, Jay C, Sychotic1, ThePhlebob
      Killing four people while white and rich gets you rehab.
      I have no idea who you are, or if you have time to do this, but if you do - just go down to your local county court a couple times a month and sit there all morning.

      You'll see all kinds of lower income white kids (who can't afford the high priced lawyers) treated equally harshly as minorities . ..

      •  There is a difference is sentencing. (17+ / 0-)

        A few years ago, I had a possession charge for marijuana. When I went to court, I was far from the only one there for m.j. possession, but while the others (mostly non-whites) were getting 6 months or a year and had to do some kind of drug and alcohol class, I got a 90 day suspended sentence and a $90 fine. It seems if you're a middle age white lady, they don't really care what kind of sentence you get.

        •  Maybe you got lucky, or maybe there (0+ / 0-)

          are larger issues at foot.

          Which could probably be resolved if you (totally unobtrusively) attended a few court sessions over the next few weeks.

          And yeah, I get how most people can't do that, what with having jobs and all, but for those who can, it can be most enlightening.

          •  I spent some time (5+ / 0-)

            a few years ago touring the courthouses of King County (WA). There is a huge difference in the types of charges and defendants between say Issaquah (a wealthy eastside suburb) versus Auburn (a much poorer southern suburb). The defendants in Issaquah were virtually all white, clearly affluent and being charged with serious crimes like assault, theft and battery. In Auburn, the defendants were more non-white and were charged with things like DUI, drugs and driving with a suspended license. The group at the Auburn courthouse was about three times the size of the group at Issaquah.

            There were more arrests in Auburn, more people who were repeat offenders (driving while suspended is usually a repeater offense), and a sense of weariness about everyone there.

            In Issaquah, there was much more a sense of impatience, like this was just an inconvenience in their day.

            •  I'm totally on the other side of country (2+ / 0-)
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              PlinytheWelder, divineorder

              but perhaps things aren't the different.

              For example, after witnessing 2nd and 3rd time DUI defendents being sentenced to jail time (albeit, often to be served at their convenience on the weekends) I was rather shocked when a 9th time DUI defendant (yes NINE time!) was let out with some type of "attend 90 AA meetings over the next 90 days" bullshit sentence.

              Afterwards, an attorney clued me in the the 9-time DUI defendant had paid some other attorney $25K to represent  him in court (ultimately resulting in the relative "slap on the wrist" sentencing)

              Needless to say, I've been mega-cynical about the entire US criminal justice system ever since, racial issues totally aside . . ,

        •  I taught in a prison. (10+ / 0-)

          A black female offender got 8 years for a baggy. A white female got 3 years for armed robbery. Had I felt threatened, which student would scare me?

          "When it's over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement." Mary Oliver

          by weezilgirl on Wed Aug 20, 2014 at 03:54:07 PM PDT

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    •  Doing illegal drugs while a politician also (11+ / 0-)

      gets you rehab.  Ordinary folks, to the pokey for you.

    •  all I know... (2+ / 0-)
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      weezilgirl, kay3295

      All I know is that Murderess Laura Bush, who had wealthy white parents and a black heart, got away without so much as a single night in jail after killing one young man.  

      It's vaguely comforting to know that she has had to serve a sentence living with Murderer George Bush, who had wealthy white parents and a black heart, who got away without so much as a single night in jail after being directly responsible for untold hundreds of thousands of deaths, but it's not enough.  

      Both Murderess Laura and Murderer George, along with Murderer Dick Cheney, Murderer Don Rumsfeld, Murderess Condoliza Rice and Aider-And-Abetter-Murderer Karl Rove, as well as others tainted by that guilty-as-sin administration, should be incarcerated for life, frogmarched in front of the cameras periodically to own the shame they should have but never felt.  

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