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View Diary: Michael Brown killing: CNN presents anonymous source with a secondhand story as an eyewitness (192 comments)

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  •  That is exactly what it is. (15+ / 0-)

    It is beyond irresponsible and "gross journalistic malpractice" is the perfect way to put it.  Even the broadest 'crossword puzzle-type' definition of the word "witness" does not include a person that did not see, hear, or otherwise experience the event as it happened.  

    If the people editing, producing, and presenting this (I refuse to call them journalists) don't realized this, then they are not qualified to present this information.  If they do know better (which I suspect), then they are cynical muckrakers.  CNN, this is an example of why your ratings have dropped drastically in recent years.  Even a semi-aware person is turned-off by this hack approach to presenting information.  If only the crew from HBO's Newsroom were real and were allowed to actually run a national news network.  Shame that a fictional news network gets it more right than what we have to put up with in reality.

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