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  •  Left Coast Friday Cheers and Jeers (25+ / 0-)

    CHEERS to Bill, Michael, and all the Kiddie Poolers

    JEERS to the tragedy and heartbreak of Ferguson. It's only too emblematic of the last century of St. Louis's history, wherein a once great city has strangled itself in a web of racially-motivated zoning, real estate market, and land use practices that have hollowed out the core city and divided the remainder of the area into the physical embodiment of our national crisis of income inequality.

    DOUBLE JEERS to Common Ground PR, a group the city of Ferguson retained to field press calls. After at least 24 hours of skewering on Twitter and such, they released a statement on their own behalf, emphasizing that "when all of the cameras are gone, we as St. Louisans will be left to rebuild. We will deal with companies who leave town and others who decide not to invest in St. Louis." In other words, what our client really cares about is what the business community in the area thinks.

    CHEERS to the start of school. The parental types among us can now get something done during the day.

    CHEERS to interesting pennant races shaping up. Baseball could be fun this September.

    Have a great weekend, all!

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