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View Diary: Red-state Democratic Senate candidates campaign on Obamacare benefits (17 comments)

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  •  These are very good developments (0+ / 0-)

    Both candidates need to realize that they need to change the electorate to win, and advocating on behalf of government programs that have demonstrated effectiveness for middle class Americans is a way to do that.

    Pryor could still win that race with a traditional mid-term electorate, but why not get into a stronger position and get more Democrats out to vote?  The Ferguson situation has also increased the amount of attention that potential Democratic voters are paying to the news, and events like this become defining.  Voters see elections as a way to define their country.  I think a lot of young people and others offended by the unfairness of what is happening in Ferguson (and other places in the country) will be more motivated to vote and Democrats should position themselves to get those votes.  This is one way to do it.

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