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View Diary: Breaking: MSNBC - No incident report for shooting at all (Ferguson PD) (409 comments)

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  •  It's pathetic, and should be more of the story. (3+ / 0-)

    Unfortunately, to a certain extent, liberals have a desire not to embarrass black people for their own short comings (whether the liberal in question be black or white) but it ultimately a disservice. (I say it as a black man)

    THose black people in Ferguson ought to be ashamed of themselves, and they should use that shame not to run an hide, but be a reminder of wherein true pride comes from....success and victories....and promise, to show themselves at the polls, care what.

    If you can stare down a machine gun, and the threat of instant death from racist cop, you can stare down a pink slip, and instant firing from a racist boss. No more excuses about being too poor and overworked to vote.

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