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View Diary: Yes, the Brown Detractors are Racist, and I'm Calling Them Out (38 comments)

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  •  I note that someone has found where (7+ / 0-)

    Brown was an aspiring rapper and every one of his raps that are available online have been analyzed ad nauseum to prove that he was a naturally violent person.

    The autopsy mentioned THC in his system so there is speculation that he was on "the hard stuff" such as PCP which caused him to attack Wilson twice.

    He was a thug for pushing the clerk.  The videos I have seen are not clear but it appears the clerk laid a hand on one of the two men in the video and also tried to block their way.

    He was a thief.  It appears now that he paid for at least some of the cigars and evidently the clerk did not consider him to be stealing the cigars.  So far, we have not heard what the dispute with the clerk was.

    Lessee have i forgotten any RW meme about Brown and what a bad guy he was.  Oh yeah, some folks allege there are FB pics showing him throwing gang signs but I have not seen those and I think some of the commenters are confusing him with Trayvon.  Hey when you are demonizing, any dead black young man will do.

    Now it is being alleged that Wilson suffered a broken face with significant brain damage.  However in at least one video, he stood around for 15 minutes or so or maybe longer after the shooting.  Not what you would expect from a severely wounded man.

    None of this matters.  The Gateway Pundit latches onto a sketchy phone call to a RW talk show that claimed to be Wilson's GF and all of a sudden, "Wilson's" account hits the MSM though it was not possible based on the autopsy and eyewitness accounts.  Then we have a reporter on FMLA tweet that "a dozen" official eyewitnesses disputed the versions presented by neighborhood witnesses and the report goes viral before the reporter is repudiated by her own paper.

    It looks as if White America will find an excuse for another dead black teen, no matter how hard they have to dig  

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