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View Diary: Obama administration unveils fix to protect birth control coverage in wake of Hobby Lobby ruling (50 comments)

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  •  I won't get a response here because.... (1+ / 0-)
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    Hobby Lobby insurance supplies contraceptives to women for all but 4 of the "accepted" contraceptives in the U.S....and those four are so-called contraceptives that are like the "morning after pill" that stop a pregnancy after the sperm has entered the egg and to many religious people (both conservative and liberal), that is the moment of conception and the moment of "life".  

    Otherwise, Hobby Lobby insurance covers "the pill" and IUD's and everything EXCEPT the 4 methods that stop the sperm/egg interaction from happening.


    •  Actually, you did get an answer (1+ / 0-)
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      from SpringHopeCarolina. It's the second post down from your original post.

      You don't see a problem with your employer being allowed to pick and choose? There are people who believe that blood transfusions are wrong, that any type of medical intervention whatsoever is wrong...

      Remember, Hobby Lobby is a LLC, a limited liability company. What that means is that the owners are insulated from the actions of the company - they can't be personally sued. They as individuals are separate from the company as an entity.

      So, the issue is that the Hobby Lobby owners are trying to have it both ways - on the one hand they can't be sued because they're not personally responsible for the company, they aren't the company, but oh, on the other hand, if the company provides insurance that covers specific birth control methods that the owners have a personal issue with, then it's okay for the owners to say that the company shouldn't have to provide that insurance coverage because it's against the owners' personal beliefs. See the disconnect?

    •  Doctors and patients make (0+ / 0-)

      healthcare decisions, not the patients employer.

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