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  •  No, gravity decreases (4+ / 0-)
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    Pressure increases but gravity decreases as you approach the center of the Earth. Specifically, assuming a spherical and horizontally homogeneous Earth, the portion that is above your current altitude does not contribute to the local gravitational field at all -- just as CwV says, the integrated gravitational force of an empty shell is exactly zero everywhere inside the shell. Thus, at the center of the Earth no gravity can be observed because there is an equal amount of pull in all directions.

    •  Right. By Gauss' law the gravitational field insid (0+ / 0-)

      a homogeneous mass shell is zero. For a spherical isotropic mass the gravitational force at distance r from the center is the same as if all the mass of the sphere out to radius r were concentrated at the center, while the mass from the shell farther out than r contributes nothing. Hence the gravitational force decreases as you approach the center.

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