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View Diary: John Yoo and the Senate Torture Report (69 comments)

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  •  Sometimes the unitary executive needs moral (6+ / 0-)

    inversion and not due process and other expendable legal technicalities. Pain becomes tolerable when it is being experienced by a possible enemy. We must be preemptive with our mass killing or destroying Gaza and with our "enhanced interrogation" because otherwise, innocent people could get hurt after all.

    Thus, Yoo's bravery in the service of his country was amazing. He just knew in his heart our country needed torture. What the country needs, it gets. Lawyers must play their patriotic part and be ... creative.

    Unless ... it comes to doing nice things for people, like giving them healthcare or relief from consumer debt or mortgages. Then lawyers must be strict constructionists. Because our country does not need to be nice to people.

    Because nice means torture to prevent harm from occurring.

    garden variety democratic socialist: accepting life's complexity|striving for global stewardship of our soil and other resources to meet everyone's basic needs|being a friend to the weak

    by Galtisalie on Sun Aug 24, 2014 at 02:55:53 PM PDT

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