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View Diary: Cornel West Unloads on President Obama (182 comments)

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  •  The government bends by the influence (10+ / 0-)

    of the Fortune 400 richest Americans and is arguably the junior partner in that relationship.  When you have the choice of a Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton,  or Paul Ryan jammed down your throat and they are all loved by the Kochs and Rupert Murdoch, I don't get that ANY of these choices are progressive,  let alone moderate by the standards of 20th century US history.

    And when a genuine progressive Democrat not beholden to the oligarchy party runs like Rob Zerban runs he is completely ignored by the Party establishment because they want their reactionary lackey foil Paul Ryan in power so they can ram through the latest bipartisan compromise that codifies Reaganomics and the continued upwards redistribution of wealth.

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