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View Diary: Judge: I Gave a Child Molester Custody of His Daughter (101 comments)

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  •  not just a sexist meme (9+ / 0-)

    Men make false allegations against women for abuse and neglect a great deal of the time, too. The sword cuts both ways.

    The sad fact is that a lot of people who have children, male and female, are hopelessly unqualified to be responsible adults, let alone parents. In a culture that exalts narcissism and selfishness, people are prone to treating one another as objects, commodities, or bargaining chips; the drive to win at all costs in an emotionally-fraught (and sometimes counsel-exacerbated) conflict situation such as a divorce provides an avenue for ethically and emotionally stunted individuals to lie like hell about their ex-spouse enemy for purposes of gaining advantage.

    In my opinion, allegations of abuse in that context, whether originating from a father or mother, DO need to be viewed with a measure of skepticism - but they also need to be thoroughly, thoroughly investigated and their veracity conclusively determined before custody is awarded.

    •  there is a history of men using "woman scorned (6+ / 0-)

      defense" when accused of rape, abuse and many other actions that the man wants to accuse the woman of lying. The woman scorned "defense" is used in trials and discussed in court opinions in variety of contexts, such as to prove a woman must be an unreliable witness who seeks revenge against a man for hurting her in some way.

      It's NOT just a sexist meme. It is sexism/misogyny embedded into our justice system and society and institutions.

      and in this case, the judge said trained to be suspicious. and that's ok as long as sexism is not used when assessing the facts and provided there is fair investigation.

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