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View Diary: Great CDC Coverup–suppressing evidence that MMR vaccines cause autism? (406 comments)

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  •  I hate this diary's title! (3+ / 0-)
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    SkepticalRaptor, mungley, cordgrass

    It puts forth an absurd question as a legitimate topic for debate, and implies that there might be some truth in the title's assertion.

    The body of the diary was fine, but all too often people tend to glean only what they want to from other people's diaries.
    Readers scan, skip, and disregard arguments that they do not want to face and all too often only look for things that reinforce their own beliefs.

    Here are the things that someone who believes that vaccines cause autism might get from this diary... and might even think that you "skeptical raptor" agree with them...

    The CDC is covering up evidence and... from your first blockquote...

    The present study provides new epidemiologic evidence showing that African American males receiving the MMR vaccine prior to 24 months of age or 36 months of age are more likely to receive an autism diagnosis.
    Of course you debunk this in non-blockquotes below it, but people often only read what they want to hear...

    I don't think this is the message that you are trying to send, but I can totally see how a person looking for confirmation might read it in completely the opposite way that you intended.

    Or maybe, I only saw the pro-vaccination message that I wanted to see, as I read diaries through my own prescriptive lenses also.

    With the merchant comes the musket, with the bible comes the bayonet. Nepali proverb

    by tharu1 on Mon Aug 25, 2014 at 08:35:14 PM PDT

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