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  •  Agreed on all counts... (5+ / 0-)

    Although I never hear people talk about Frasier in any context.

    •  The "Cheers" Spinoff (5+ / 0-)
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      Trix, wader, Neon Vincent, Aunt Pat, JML9999

      The problem with safe and conventional is that, unless you're absolutely amazing at it, it's also forgettable.

      It's sort of like Jay Leno.

      Jay Leno did a safe and conventional program, that had some very funny moments, but is his stint as the host of The Tonight Show going to be remembered all that well in twenty or twenty-five years?

      Even with the current state of the program, I think Modern Family has a shot of being remembered if only as a cultural marker. The first couple of seasons did really signify a pop-culture shift of the depiction of what an American family is. Just think, Modern Family is a series with a gay couple raising a child, and an interracial couple with a bit of an age difference and that's considered a "safe and conventional" program in 2014. Matthew Dowd had a great quote after the 2012 election where he said the Republicans were a "Mad Men party in a Modern Family America."

      However, I think a lot of the cult comedy series will be what's remembered twenty years on. Stuff like Louie and It's Always Sunny.

      •  Do you think that... (5+ / 0-)

        OITNB has a chance of ever winning an Emmy, or that it will always be hurt by the fact that it could compete as a drama or a comedy, and half the audience will see it primarily as the other (whatever category it's not competing in)?

        •  Maybe (4+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          Trix, Neon Vincent, wader, JML9999

          Ally McBeal won for best comedy series, even though it could turn very serious at times. But it only won once, and in the fifteen years since all of the winners have been series that are more comedies than dramadies.

          Although, there have been some shows in that category over the years that had no business being there. During its prime years, Desperate Housewives was nominated in the comedy category. The show had moments of humor, but it was mostly a drama.

          •  I think OITNB is more of a drama... (4+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            Neon Vincent, Doctor RJ, wader, JML9999

            I mean, it's humor is definitely not sitcom-ish, and there are far more dark moments than lighthearted ones.

            If I'd only watched one episode of OITNB and one of Modern Family (as many Emmy voters likely do), I'd probably think there's more LOLs in the latter.

            But I can understand why they wouldn't have wanted to compete as a drama this year.

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