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    tecampbell, G2geek, Catte Nappe, nota bene

    something like that can happen in one of the puzzle diaries and it just means everyone is having a good time.

    If a commenter is out of control, that person should be reported and have a mod make the decision.

    Yes, DailyKos DOES have puzzles! Visit us here Saturday nights @ 5:00 PDT (easier puzzles) and Sunday nights @ 5:00 PDT (more challenging) for a group solving. Even if you just pop in and comment while watching the fun, everybody is welcome. uid:21352

    by pucklady on Wed Aug 27, 2014 at 12:42:26 AM PDT

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      rather than getting into specifics, I was hoping some of the techs or admins might see this and just consider the general idea. Maybe the algo only wakes up when there's at least one hidden comment in the thread or something.

      I want to err on the side of more speech most of the time, but it bugs me when one super-determined person selfishly dominates the microphone like that. It degrades the community dialogue in favor of that person's monologue.

      The American weakness is that we try to rule the world with public relations, then end up believing our own con jobs. We are adrift in a mythical ship which no longer touches land.--Gustav Hansford

      by nota bene on Wed Aug 27, 2014 at 03:33:42 PM PDT

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