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View Diary: Sometimes there just aren't enough Rs in Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (279 comments)

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  •  Reminded me of a throwback to the 1880's (33+ / 0-)

    When Native children were required to cut their hair and conform at the reservation schools.   Not allowed to speak their own languages.  Not to wear their native clothing.   And not allowed to follow any tribal religious beliefs except Christianity.

    I recall a friend who worked with the tribes in the Southwest as a rep from ASU.  He was supposed to be ensuring that the reservation schools were "teaching the right things" to be qualified for their gov'ment grants.  He was a Trojan horse.

    He posed this question to the reservation-school teachers (many of whom were Anglos):  "We have a problem with Johnny's school attendance.  He says he has to stay home to "take care of Grandma".  How can we facilitate getting Johnny to school regularly?"

    Teachers replied, "Well, we could get a daycare facility to put Grandma in during the day so Johnny is free to come to school."  Or, "We must speak to the parents and have them make other arrangements for watching over Grandma."  Etc.

    My friend said, "No, incorrect.  The right answer is, 'How can we help Johnny stay home with Grandma, as he is taught to do in his culture, and then continue his education?'  Honoring his elders is as important as anything we have to teach him about life outside the res."   (I answered in error, too.  Oops.)

    I'm so sorry this happened to this child.  Izzit something in the water in this country now that is fostering all this increasing stoopid and asinine regression back a hundred years or so??  Geez...

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