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  •  We could all use more (9+ / 0-)

    freedom about choices of personal expression through our clothes, hair,  association with others.

    But quite frankly,  the privileges greatly outweigh the negatives.  And one of those privileges is that it is more likely that white males will make and remake any rules than white females or minorities will, so you don't need empathy from females or minorities half so much as from your fellow white males.  And if they ostracize you, maybe you'll have a little more empathy with those you think are your oppressors but aren't.

    Everyday you have clubs and associations who support you, look around the typical work place, restaurant, gym, etc. in America.  You rule there.  You really mean to tell me you can't find support except in an all white, all male restricted environment?  Maybe you should run for Senate, its a damned exclusive club that does its best to keep out women and minorities.

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