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  •  Not exactly.... (7+ / 0-)

    1.  First, there is nothing in the concept of privilege that prevents you from understanding theoretically the entire consequence to someone who isn't so privileged of not being a member of the privileged group.  In practice, I would advise extreme care in presuming one understand the full scope of his/her privilege, however.

    2.  Second, while a non-privileged group could be in some ways privileged vis a vis a more privileged group, and in such cases the non-privileged group might indeed not see where it is privileged, these cases are very rare [I can think of only one in the context of gender] and don't detract from the fact that the non-privileged group is non-privileged.  

    3.  Because the case mentioned in 2  is so rare it is a really odd way to start a discussion about privilege.

    4.  I you haven't read it and want to be more aware of the issue of privilege I recommend readingStraight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Settting There Is

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