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View Diary: Is it possible the INR memo is a red herring? (140 comments)

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  •  CIA veterans Ray McGovern and Vince Cannistraro (4.00)
    Implicate Michael Ledeen, or people close to him as people who concocted the bogus Niger documents.
    From a comment yesterday.
    •  I wonder if Ledeen's phone number turns up on... (none)
      Libby's or Hannah's phone records at any time between the Nick Kristoof piece and the Bovak piece.
      •  Interesting question, and if Ledeen was behind (none)
        the crude, amatuerish Niger forgeries, he might also be sloppy enough to talk with HW people on a phone # that could be traced back to him.

        Even if he did though, knowing Bush, and the way his incriminating TANG records, and his incriminating drug/alcohol  records were so easily 'disappeared', I don't imagine it would be much a feat for this slimy Bush bunch to scrub or claim executive priviledge on WH phone call logs.

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