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View Diary: Is it possible the INR memo is a red herring? (140 comments)

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  •  here's my speculation (none)
    since I haven't seen it yet, I'll say it

    if this is the same memo I've been hearing so much about:

    the memo is a fake.. It was created to give excuse, muddied the water, and throw off persuers

    the memo contains misstatments of fact, was written by a person who didn't attend the meeting discussed in the memo, and includes a participant in the meeting who was provably NOT AT THE MEETING

    the memo is evidence of a coverup that started simulatanously with the illegal disclosure of classified information

    that's my take, but I could be crazy. but, then again, I Know Things

    •  plame was at the meeting (none)
      Plame testified to the Senate committee that she

      "she only attended the meeting to introduce her husband and left after about three minutes".

      •  I wasn't talking about Plame (none)
        it was (supposedly) a person who SAID something about Plame at the meeting

        except that the CIA can prove the person was elsewhere at the time he was supposedly attending this meeting

        If it's true, we have a piece of "Manufactured" evidence here. And falsefying evidence is obstruction of justice

        and that would be VERY VERY bad for George Bush

        moves the Obstruction of Justice to a date PRIOR to the outing, which moves the entire episode into the realm of conspiricy to commit treason

        •  I would love (none)
          to have the link about someone saying somthing about Plame at the meeting.
          •  the person mentioning Plame wasn't there (none)
            this is why the memo has some serious questions attached to it. The memo quotes somebody making a statement that couldn't have been made, because he person wasn't at the meeting to make the statement

            that is what I heard. there was a story claiming that the CIA says the memo is incorrect because of this fact

            if it is true, there are some serious consequences for the very existance of this document

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