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View Diary: After 9 year old shoots instructor, NRA pipes up with worst possible response (262 comments)

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  •  The NRA and Charles Darwin (0+ / 0-)

    The NRA pipes up? What should we expect of a pig but a grunt?

    Evidently Darwin's signature contribution to science is now met with an unprecedented step backward in the evolutionary chain as evidenced by the instinctual behaviours of the NRA.

    How this benefits the species, I have my doubts. It could be the case of group isolating itself and then perishing from a flawed design variation that proved unsuccessful ... A sort of missing link that will leave the main species better off when the variant does go missing.

    (Unless of course, one subscribes to the corollary that the only sentient species that has evolved to survive nuclear holocaust is the cockroach.)

    So for the NRA, its main body perhaps is best off remaining in denial about evolution; though their returning time and again to wallowing in their own muck seems to indicate a less-than-conscious favouring of an illogical mutation - if indeed they are a case of a renegade species evolving backward.

    You'll be reminded of this theory when next Wayne LaPierre goes "Oink, oink." And that should be in a matter of days. Wait for it. They always do; by instinct.

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