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  •  pause is too short for that. (0+ / 0-)

    The body of Micheal Brown fell to the pavement around 125 feet away from the door of the SUV, if we can tract the eyewitness videos and tv news footage of the aftermath.  

    It seems now that all the shots on the audio clip we've heard would have been at the end of a 40 yard dash by a 300 lbs kid in flip flops.  

    It's curious that the shot described as coming from inside the SUV isn't on the audio, or if it is then Wilson certainly came out shooting.  And Mike Brown ran a VERY FAST 40 yard dash AND managed to turn on a dime.  

    Brown's companion Johnson claims that Brown was hit early.  He seems to think while the two were at the door, but it's possible he was hit simply before Johnson saw him run past the white car Johnson took cover behind.  

    •  I'm not so sure (0+ / 0-)

      Given that nobody was witness to this except for the police officer from a department with a credibility problem, I can only speculate the details.  But I don't think it's that inconsistent with Brown getting a running start from the car door slamming him (or his friend) and getting the hell out of there as Wilson comes out shooting.  I don't believe that he started running as the shots are being fired.  Rather that he was already running, got hit at least once, and turned to surrender before the pause in shooting.

      •  There were several witnesses (0+ / 0-)

        Besides the kiler cop.  Tiffany Mitchell, Piaget Crenshaw, Dorian Johnson, Michael Brady, two people who were in the car that Johnson hid behind while the cop was killing Brown.

      •  if Wilson reversed, is that a provocation? (0+ / 0-)

        Is it legal for a cop to put YOU in reasonable fear for your life but illegal for you to defend yourself?  

        According to Johnson, the companion the SUV hit the brakes hard and reversed to almost run over them, leaving the door so close to where they were that when Wilson opened it, the door struck them both and bounced back to hit Wilson.  

        So when a policeman hits you without a specific command, what is that?  A friendly getting?  Was almost running them down a means to communicate a message about jaywalking?  

        I wonder these things because if the recoding contains all the shots, and did not somehow miss a prelude with a single shot fired inside the SUV, then this encounter was all over in under seven seconds from when Wilson fired his weapon.  Yet somehow the body of Mike Brown ended up 125 feet away.  

        For a 300 lbs kid in flip flops, he ran a world class 40 year dash while simultaneously disengaging from a physical encounter with ofc. Wilson, and eventually turning a 180.  Where did he fit in the time to run it out from his sprint?  

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