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View Diary: HIV vaccine: dramatic result in animal trial (11 comments)

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  •  That must have been awful... (6+ / 0-)

    especially with evil bastards on the 'Christian' right saying God was punishing gays for their sins (shakes head).


    I ride the wild horse .

    by BelgianBastard on Sat Aug 30, 2014 at 03:29:31 PM PDT

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    •  We sometimes called it the trial by blood, virus (4+ / 0-)
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      BelgianBastard, Deja, jessical, G2geek

      and kill the gays Christians.  We also rose up to care, suffer and organize together and ultimately paid the blood price for our freedom while laying the groundwork for the present gay rights movements.

      •  For which you deserve all our thanks. (3+ / 0-)
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        Deja, jessical, G2geek

        That's probably a small consolation, though.

        I ride the wild horse .

        by BelgianBastard on Sat Aug 30, 2014 at 04:09:26 PM PDT

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        •  and small consolation to those of us who... (1+ / 0-)
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          ... were scared out of having any kind of sex life on the basis that "tonight could be your death sentence."  

          All the more so when being sexually active is a de-facto requirement for finding any kind of lifetime partner.  And condoms were of little consolation since they could, after all, break, and even one broken condom could be sufficient.

          Given the choice between risking death by something akin to slow-motion radiation sickness, and remaining single, the latter was at least safe.

          But don't doubt for one minute that there are a lot of us around here who would have gladly strangled with our bare hands (past-tense therefore not bannable), those who went around smugly clucking that we were going to hell while they effectively blockaded a) medical research that would have saved lives and b) legally-recognized monogamy (marriage) that would also have saved lives.  

          AIDS was the Gay Holocaust With Added Plausible Deniability.

          GOTV as if your life depends on it, because somebody's life does.

          by G2geek on Sat Aug 30, 2014 at 08:10:09 PM PDT

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