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  •  It has always been known (26+ / 0-)

    that a splinter group of Hamas from the West Bank were the ones who kidnapped those teens.
    Which begs the question, why is Israel attacking Gaza when the criminals came from the West Bank?

    If trees gave off WIFi signals, we would probably plant so many trees, we would save the planet. Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe.

    by skohayes on Tue Sep 02, 2014 at 09:13:28 AM PDT

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    •  Did you miss the part in both the diary (8+ / 0-)

      and my comment which lays out that hundreds of rockets and mortars a day for several days were being  shot at Israel by Hamas from Gaza BEFORE the Israelis finally responded after  several warnings?

      •  Israel raided and killed in Gaza before rockets (8+ / 0-)

        Israel carried out a series of raids in Gaza looking for the culprits in the kidnapping and murder of the boys. While there they killed people and destroyed property and arrested people they knew had nothing to do with the kidnapping.
        Israel's own sources acknowledge that they used the kidnapping to accomplish more than just the rescue of the boys known to be dead on the first day of their capture and the apprehension of those responsible.
        The arrest of men who were pardoned and released from Israeli jail early in a negotiated settlement was wrong.
        Using kidnapping and murder in order to "get away with" something they knew would be condemmned under other circumstances was a provocation to Hamas.
        Refusing to admit that everyone, including Hamas, knows that rockets fired into Israel have a less than 1 in 1,000 chance of harming anyone is wrong.
        There are so many parallels to the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church here that I am astonished no-one has every mentioned it. I lived through that scandal, and used all the techniques the author is using here.
        Until the supporters of Israel are willing to honestly examine this conflict fully they will never be able to get a "fair" hearing. To continue to spout theory as a defense of actions that any thinking human would find troubling shows that even this author knows his country is in the wrong here. I am beginning to doubt Israel will reform itself and begin to deal with Gaza and the West Bank humanely. They won't allow their countrymen to even know the names of those killed in their defense. They won't hold their officials and soldiers accountable for proven lies justifying immoral, illegal and inhumane actions.
        Hamas is verbally evil and functionally unable to cause much trouble. Those tunnels have never been used to harm civilians, only military people, or in one case a young man in a military area who was not actually a soldier. If Israel had any honesty, it would admit that although the tunnels could be used for murder, they have only been used against military targets. Yet the Israeli press is full of stories of the dangers settlers face from the tunnels.
        Your country lies and kills without justification. Your country allows its soldiers to get away with ordering a family out of its house and then shooting the first person through the door in the face while his hands were up. Nobody expects you to actually jail the soldier who did this, our own cops kill unarmed people all the time with impunity. But someone, somewhere, should be willing to say this is wrong.
        BDS, sanctions, and refusal to supply weapons to Israel will eventually persuade them to reconsider their actions. Until then I choose to believe Israeli citizens and supporters know they are violating the rules of their own faith. I'm walking away from your country. You are on your own here. Your faith can guide you back to reality once you are willing.

      •  As M E C says above... (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        skohayes, snowwoman

        You're completely leaving something out of the timeline.  3 Israeli teens are murdered.  Israel knows they're dead, but claims they're not.  While "trying to rescue" them, Israel arrests hundreds of Hamas members in Gaza who had nothing to do with the murder, killing quite a few as well.

        Hamas responds to that with hundreds missiles, which kill one Israeli civilian.

        Israel responds by invading Gaza, killing hundreds of kids, and well over 1,400 civilians.  A couple more Israeli civilians die as Hamas continues the missile attacks.

    •  Israel attacked Gaza because rockets (8+ / 0-)

      were being launched from Gaza at Israel and tunnel had been dug from Gaza to Israel to conduct attacks against Israel.

      Does that answer your question?

    •  and even better, (36+ / 0-)

      why is Israel now punishing the WB (by means of renewed land theft) for Gazan missiles?  Why does Israel bomb Syrian government positions every time Syrian ANTIgovernment forces lob a shell into Golan?

      Seems like anything is a pretext for whatever Israel wants to do.

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      by corvo on Tue Sep 02, 2014 at 09:21:20 AM PDT

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