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View Diary: Another man dies during routine traffic stop; Cops withhold all information. (189 comments)

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  •  Governors are accountable. (5+ / 0-)
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    Americans don't need to trust the police. That's not historical, logical, safe or legal.

    There is a chain of command of sorts that is in force and Governors seem to be at the top of that chain somehow in most states (certainly long before and rather than the feds). Governors are responsible for their state's law and order, no? They should be held accountable for the swift fair adjudication for any and every death by any civil servant.

    I suppose it;s now anachronistic bust I still expect the Mayor and Gov. to speak on the news when a cop kills as much as when he's killed. Perhaps that's anachronistic but that's up to us.

    Gov. Jerry Brown has long averted his responsibility to answer for the aggressive response in Oakland much less the killings by police. Governors should be as in-front of police abuse as they are photo'd shirt-sleaved after floods and earthquakes.

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