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View Diary: NYC's Bill de Blasio endorses anti-environment, anti-ACA, pro-NRA Lieberdem (87 comments)

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  •  Exactly (7+ / 0-)

    The Cuomos are mean, nasty and vindictive.  DiBlasio has to pick his spots and if I were advising him this would not be the one I would tell him to pick.  The LG office is basically powerless.  Hugh Carey and Mario Cuomo were famous for shutting out their LGs.  Hugh Carey had his first one, Maryann Krupsack, run against him and second one, Mario Cuomo, was preparing a challenge before Carey called it quits.  Cuomo first LG, Al DelBello, quit on him.  And most of the LGs since have been completely forgettable with the exception of David Paterson.  Why piss off Cuomo here.  

    Governing is very different from activism.  It is about building coalitions to accomplish as much of your goals as possible and sometimes that means aligning yourself with people you don't like or agree with for the larger good.

    DiBlasio has already done something amazingly good for working people with universal preK.  He'll need help from Albany on a lot of the other stuff he wants to accomplish.

    •  Well, I wouldn't say completely forgettable (1+ / 0-)
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      Phoenix Woman

      Who could forget Betsy McCaughey, who ran with Pataki in 1994, publicly feuded with him so intensely that she switched parties in 1997, ran for the Democratic nomination for governor in 1998 (losing to Peter Vallone), and years later, going back to the GOP because she couldn't stand the Kenyan Mooslim?

      "Valerie, why am I getting all these emails calling me a classless boor?"

      by TLS66 on Wed Sep 03, 2014 at 09:35:43 AM PDT

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      •  I wish I could forget her (1+ / 0-)
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        Phoenix Woman

        She has been crusading in favor of people dying from lack of health insurance coverage for decades. Pataki's dumping her had no effect on her career.

        Interestingly it was Pataki who brought guaranteed issue health insurance to NY. It immediately caused premiums to skyrocket because mandated coverage was not attached to the guaranteed issue. That is why premiums dropped so much under the ACA.

        McCaughey knows all this. That is why she is so evil.

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