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    Thanks for posting, looks right to me.  

    FYI for those of you thinking of govt jobs, outside of the intelligence agencies, Secret or TS generally do not require polygraph testing.  Secret usually consists only of reviewing records -- where have you lived and worked, have you been arrested, credit problems, where have you travelled abroad, etc.  TS from the Defense Dept covers more years and may involve interviewing you and individuals who know you, but not usually a polygraph.  The CIA, on the other hand, does require a polygraph and psychological evaluation for a TS, and asks a lot more about "lifestyle" issues.

    Quite a few alums of my graduate program go to work for govt agencies, and the biggest reasons I've seen people have clearence difficulty are having relatives in unfriendly countries, or having travelled extensively in unfriendly or just odd parts of the world.  Having smoked some pot in college, seen a shrink for an everyday neurosis, or having sex outside of holy matrimony won't keep you from a S or TS with most agencies.

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