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  •  They should've used... (8+ / 0-)

    a picture of Chappelle dressed as Rick James on the cover, like Prince did for his recent single.

    •  Chappelle Seems To Hate Being Identified With It (8+ / 0-)

      I wonder if he would've even allowed it? Although, I don't think he owns the show. Comedy Central does.

      The more I read about Prince, the more he seems like a colossal, but talented prick to deal with. The personality of The Kid in Purple Rain is supposedly a very accurate representation of what he's like. And if you watch that movie again, the character is not that heroic or charming. The Kid spends most of the movie moping and caring more about his drunk father than his mother who's getting the shit beat out of her by said drunk father.

      From TV Tropes:

      • For some inexplicable reason, most of his jerkassery seemed to be aimed at Wendy & Lisa. Instead of scrounging up the old Revolution stories, here's a more recent one: in 1998 he announced a Prince & the Revolution comeback album called Roadhouse Garden and tried to get the duo involved. They reasonably asked for some compensation, and said no when he didn't offer any. Then he went and blamed them for the album being shelved.
      • Elton John said of a meeting with Prince, "I went up to Prince and said, 'I'm a big fan of your stuff,' and he looked at me and just walked off... left me standing there like a twat. He's a prat, but he's a clever prat."
      • During the Nude Tour, Prince constantly picked on guitar Miko Weaver, something biographer Alex Hahn and other bandmates suggest was due to him feeling jealous that Weaver had a bigger Groupie Brigade and was generally more popular with the ladies. In a pre-tour rehearsal, Prince even challenged Weaver to "take this shit outside", to which Weaver snarked "Yeah, like I'm gonna come outside with you and your bodyguards" and walked out, but was eventually convinced to return for the tour.

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