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  •  Might also want to explore (4.00)
    ..whether the shooting of Calipari in Iraq ties into this. The fact that SISMI seems to be an extraordinary focal point for all things neocon and Iraq -- and that Calipari's shooting was never adequately explained -- suggests that there may be something there. If you google "Nicola Calipari SISMI P2" you'll find a number of people are speculating this way, though I can't tell if any of it is based on hard reporting.
    •  I wish I could have found enough confirmation (none)
      to backup the idea that his murder was linked to all this.  It may or may not have been.  But other than speculation, I could find nothing to tie it in.
      •  Ballistic tests of Calipari's car (4.00)
        I recently read that the Roman public ministers who are investigating the killing of Dr. Calipari should be releasing a report of their findings sometime in October.

        There have been leaks from Italy that two different caliber bullets were fired at the car, and that possibly three weapons were fired (two of the same caliber).  This directly contradicts the US report that said only one soldier, Mario Lozano, fired at the Toyota.

        The leaks were from Sgrena's lawyer, and presumably from the ballistics expert representing her who took part in the testing and analysis of the bullet holes in the Toyota in which Calipari, Sgrena, and Carpani were shot.

        One report on the ballistic tests (sorry, don't remember which Italian on-line newspaper) suggested that the Americans had done no ballistic tests on the Toyota.  


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