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  •  Yes, spell check, add proper possessives, etc. (none)
    But a great, great diary if you clean it up.  

    One piece of content based commentary - try not to jump so much. By that I mean don't go straight to the top. Silvio Berlusconi may be on a list, but Kos and I are probably on a list too although we've never met and certainly never "conspired" together.

    Second, I'd get rid of the fascist quotes by Ledeen. He's enough of an evil bastard as it is. He doesn't need to be Himmler-ed to death. Just show him for what he really is, a traitor to the United States who continually places the interests of another nation well above those of our own, and is leading our nation into great peril in doing so. Other than that, fine job.

    The Book of Revelation is NOT a foreign policy manual.

    by Dont Just Stand There on Fri Jul 22, 2005 at 10:04:41 AM PDT

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