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View Diary: Niger Yellowcake and The Man Who Forged Too Much (192 comments)

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  •  I understand your reluctance to link everything, (none)
    but those of us who are following this on the periphery or not as politically savvy need those links to "buy in".  You know this stuff, so it's old news to you - part of your vocabulary.  The less informed (in this particular area) among us need to be able to have the option of going to the original source (or at least a semi-agnostic article about same? - something that will "catch us up").

    I get the same thing on tech stuff dealing with production graphics, technology and artists.  I get tired of explaining the basics over and over, but if you don't have the same context / frame-of-referrence - you don't make your point as effectively or educate others, which is your point.

    That being said - this is a well written and frightening narrative, even if every detail doesn't check out (and I'm not saying they won't).  A few more things like this and I'm going to have to turn off news and watch old movies for a little while to turn off the nightmares...

    "What do you know? Rumors are flyin' and there you are suckin' on a pickle..." - from Greater Tuna

    by TechBob on Fri Jul 22, 2005 at 10:13:01 PM PDT

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