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View Diary: MY HANDS ARE UP, WHY YOU SHOOT ME? (46 comments)

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  •  Well, one of the problems is that our society is (5+ / 0-)
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    bitpyr8, Oh Mary Oh, marina, StrayCat, HANEZ

    mired in euphemisms, which serve to obscure who's doing what to whom.
    So, for example, when you write that a person did not have to "lose his life," it's as if the person killed were somehow careless and responsible for his own premature death. The police in your narrative are incidental, rather than the intentional agents of a homicide.

    There's a logical fallacy called "false attribution of agency." It means that the wrong actor or agent is blamed for an act. That it is a very common mistake doesn't change the fact that is helps hide the perpetrators of bad acts.
    We are increasingly familiar with how blaming the victim doesn't help to stop the perp when it comes to rape. We need to develop the same awareness when it comes to homicide and stop parcing the event according to intent. When a person has been killed prematurely, it doesn't much matter whether it was man slaughter, homicide, murder, accident or justified.

    Why do we put up with blaming the victim? Because the perception that the injured are responsible for their own demise (the captains of their fate) is somehow preferable to recognizing man's impotence in the face of evil. Taking a submissive position like raising one's hands in the air is supposed to work magic and stop the action. That the culture of obedience is inflexible has not registered. Cops shoot people because they know that, unless it's personally beneficial -- i.e. done with the intent to commit a crime -- it will be forgiven. After all, getting away with murder is their reward for total obedience to their superiors.
    Indeed, emforced obedience only becomes manifest when an act is difficult or injurious to the self. So, the culture of obedience is inherently abusive and the abused abuse.

    •  yes! (3+ / 0-)
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      kd4dean, Oh Mary Oh, marina

      to me they think killing there perp, will hide the other side to the story which in some cases in the past it works, they quite the only voice that would prolly put them away, and shame his/her name and department, shooting anyone a plethroa of times out of fear and not knowing how to handle the situation, then being told u did a good job, they are sayin to the next man that want that good job butt slap, that if they are goin to do it , do it all the way. i hate that ur so right that it hurts... they kill then get a nice car ride away from the incident soon as it happens, they dont have to look at the dead body they laid on the street. i still to this day have not see the faces of the two officers that killed my brother.

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