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View Diary: MY HANDS ARE UP, WHY YOU SHOOT ME? (46 comments)

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    to me they think killing there perp, will hide the other side to the story which in some cases in the past it works, they quite the only voice that would prolly put them away, and shame his/her name and department, shooting anyone a plethroa of times out of fear and not knowing how to handle the situation, then being told u did a good job, they are sayin to the next man that want that good job butt slap, that if they are goin to do it , do it all the way. i hate that ur so right that it hurts... they kill then get a nice car ride away from the incident soon as it happens, they dont have to look at the dead body they laid on the street. i still to this day have not see the faces of the two officers that killed my brother.

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