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View Diary: Live Open Thread: Public Disclosure of Covert Agents (297 comments)

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  •  HAHAHAHA (none)
    Instead of getting to the bottom of this, the Republicans are putting out Talking Points!
    •  "Instead of protecting our national (4.00)
      security..."  they're turning out talking points which is even more agregious and leads to the question, "Are we really in as much danger as Bush says?"

      This leads right back to investigating the reasons for going to war and the intelligence (or "sexed up" intelligence) that backed it.  

      You see, Bush just isn't acting like a President would if there was a true threat to our security.  Why?  Is it because he's dense?  NO, of course not.  It's because he knows he made it all up.  It's a fucking lie he sold.

      The problem?  NOW WE ARE IN DANGER because of HIM.  The biggest threat to the security of the United States is sitting in the White House.

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