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View Diary: House Votes to Make Patriot Act Provisions Permanent (61 comments)

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  •  Patriotic Act (none)
    This act is there to catch suspected terrorists so I don't see why you all are worried it not like the Justice Department and the FBI will be investigating every American just the suspected terrorists.
    •  And who says (none)
      you're not a suspected terrorist?
    •  The point is not (none)
      that they will be investigating every American. The point is that they will be able to investigate any American anytime they want. You don't think that will be abused?

      Given that use of these clauses is "classified" how do you know that they haven't already been abused?

      Once this is established law, it can morph in ways that you might not realise. The FBI regards possession of almanacs as "suspicious"; people who read John Locke are suspected of being "domestic terrorists". Who knows what books could be considered "terrorist" five years from now?

      This Act is not even slightly "Patriotic". On what basis do you say it is?

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