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  •  Don't blame Hillary that much (none)
    Ohio is a bit complicated because it has the potential to go red or blue. But, to gain wider appeal in Ohio, you almost have to play to the center. I am not a huge fan of this tactic, but I will reserve judgment on those who use it if it will lead us to win some elections statewide. To win elections in Ohio as a hardcore liberal, your base has to be in Cuyahoga county. Outside of Northeast Ohio or the major urban areas, you have to play to the center or you will lose.

    One thing that will make me mad, however, is if the DLC tries in any way to lay their hands on Sherrod Brown. He currently represents one of our two best hopes to turn Ohio blue - the other being Ted Strickland. Those two already have build a solid following on the left and shouldn't need to move to the center in order to win.

    In my opinion, it really comes down to one thing: We need to start winning important elections once again. If your candidate has to become a centrist to do it, so be it. We have to learn to live with that.

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