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  •  i did try (none)
    they still vote repug.
    •  Ill go slow here (none)
      More americans voted for Gore than bush.

      More americans identify Democrat than Republican.

      Quite literally , statistically the richer and whiter you are the more likely to vote republican.

      Its easy to grab onto the "blue state snobbery" and self-associate yourself with "the superior people". Its also the basis of racism, classism, nationalism, religious intolerance and half the other evils of the human race.

      Low one last time: The VAST majority of americans are poor or working class. The majority of americans voted gore, and only voted Bush imho because we put up Dukakis II and because of terror lies and rethug-lite press.

      So stereotype all ya want. It just shows your ignorance bimini. Not your superiority to "the serfs".

      Remember: there's no sense in talking to them. Talk to your base first, the middle second, and the amoral and lying right never.

      by cdreid on Fri Jul 22, 2005 at 10:44:44 AM PDT

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      •  i know who they identify with (none)
        me saying they still vote repug isn't a stereotype.
        •  the poor (none)
          I DID NOT intend to denigrate the poor. I meant to denigrate those poor who are too lazy or to bound by what their preachers say to think for themselves. I am from lower middle class root myself.
        •  idiotic generalization (none)
          yeah i guess you're right.  i guess there's no one out there like my grandfather who drove a truck for kroger his entire life.  now let's see, what else was it that he did his entire life?  oh yeah, he NEVER voted for a republican.  he was just your poor, uneducated, everyday straight-ticket voting democrat.  

          the main reason anyone who isn't already republican and is also a reasonable human being yet happens to vote republican from time to time is b/c they think the democrats aren't strong on defense.  period.  end of story.  that is why i'm hopeful (and i realize i will probably end up being disappointed) that this rove affair will end up exposing that fallacy for being exactly that... and that our party isn't too stupid and disorganized to be able to capitalize on it when the time comes.

          if you're going to generalize, at least do it well.

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