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  •  Thanks for the clarification (none)

    -- I didnt know where you stood but it makes sense from what you were saying before.

    The US is in the middle of one of those crazy puzzles where if you lose, you lose way more than the position that you entered the puzzle with.

    Anyway - I desperately want us to get out of Iraq and will abide no candidate who supports this mess - and that's Hillary, Kerry, Edwards and others.  Clark at least counseled against it and knows we are in one hell of a mess.  I couldnt blame the Democrats for wanting this poisoned vessel to be passed onto someone else because poisoned it IS.  There are NO good choices and our future is very murky - both foreign policy, military and economic-wise.

    As for supporting the troops once they are committed to fight, I feel that the most pro-military thing that I can do is to get them home as soon as possible rather than give lip service to support as they are killed and mangled.  Right now as we speak, they are getting poor benefits, poor pay and no support long term for dealing with the many profoundly disabled through loss of limbs and brain tissue.  My support involves stopping the slaughter for this worthless cause.  As it is, we are talking about the need to support these guys and gals (the disabled) for the rest of their lives if we are to be a humane and responsible nation.

    I want us out YESTERDAY.  There is no purpose or justification (and I know that you agree) in prolonging this one more second.

    Stop Looking For Leaders - WE are the Leaders!!!

    by SwimmertoFreedom04 on Sun Jul 24, 2005 at 10:43:38 AM PDT

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    •  Support our troops is bullshit (4.00)
      Its pure spin put out by the right wing who avoid service like the bloody plague. The best way to support the troops is to make sure they have the equipment, food, clothing, healthcare they need. To make sure their leaders are honest. To make certain their lives are only spent for a worthy cause. To get them home safe and healthy as soon as possible. And once they are here to live up to our obligations to provide the lifelong medical and mental health care any of them might need. You wont find the gop supporting that. To right wing cowards soldiers are lower class  trash to be used and discarded. Never apologise to scum. And that indeed is what the chickenhawk cowards are.

      And btw you may not have noticed but there are a whole lot of veteran kossacks. A whole lot of Democratic veteran senators and congressmen. Republicans and freepers? Not so much.

      Remember: there's no sense in talking to them. Talk to your base first, the middle second, and the amoral and lying right never.

      by cdreid on Sun Jul 24, 2005 at 12:03:46 PM PDT

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