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View Diary: Roberts: Neutral on The Right To Choose? Well How About the Right To Privacy? (115 comments)

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    Privacy is "a" key issue.  "The" key issue is the 9th amendment.  It makes real the framework of the American experiment.  Rights are ours by nature - not granted by the government.  Power is granted to the government, there are no rights of government.

    So government can't willy nilly pass laws to control our private behavior.  It is a matter of liberty.  

    This should be something conservatives embrace, you would think.  How can one rail against big government and then seek to control bedroom behavior.

    As to abortion, we now know that birth control pills sometimes produce abortions; sometimes ovulation does occur but one extra line of defense is a thinning of the uterine wall that keeps the egg from attaching.  The fertilized egg is flushed.

    Really, one strategy would be to join right to life demonstrations with signs that say "Ban the Pill" and "The Pill Murders Babies".  When Americans understand that aborting fertilized eggs is common and no big deal, a lot of support for the anti-abortion movement will go away.  And right-to-lifers will welcome us into the ranks never understanding the implication.


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