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View Diary: Roberts: Neutral on The Right To Choose? Well How About the Right To Privacy? (115 comments)

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  •  McCain?????? (none)
    Here's what McCain said on the scumbag Matthews' show regarding the Roberts' nomination:

    "I mean, the American voter was very well aware of what kind of judge the president of the United States was going to appoint and they decided to reelect him.  Maybe that wasn't the reason, but they knew that came with the deal."

    They did???  

    I thought people elected shrub because of one reason, and one reason only-the war.  Which war you say?  Pick one.  

    While there was certainly a sizeable segment of shrub voters that voted single issue on abortion, it is disingenuous to say that the American people elected him (assuming the people really did) to overturn Roe, and gut environmental regulations and workers' rights. And, oh yeah, what about the putative sixty to seventy percent of the country that doesn't think that Roe should be overturned-did they "know" that was part of the deal??

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